Yama’s collaborations with Rakesh Chaurasia, Sangeet Mishra and Others

Sangeet Mishra and Yama   Yama Sarshar and Friends is a unique World Music Collaboration initiated by Australia’s young Tabla Master Yama Sarshar a Senior Disciple of the late Ustad Alla Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussian and Ustad Fazal Qureshi. A concert not to be missed.

Yama is an international accomplished tabla player who started playing and learning from his father Ustad Sarshar. Yama performed his first concert at the age of 8 and has not looked back ever since performing all over the world and in great demand both in Australia and Abroad. Yama has accompanied and performed for many international musicians and celebrities such as, Anup Jalota, Late Jagjit Singh, Ustad Ghulam ali, Pankaj Udhas, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Keanu Reeves, Steve Waugh, Baz Lurhman and Indian Cricket Team just to name a few. His Performances are always a pleasure to watch and leave the Audiences applauding him.
Pt Rakesh Chaurasia who is one of the leading Flute masters in India today and nephew of the famous Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia. Rakesh Chaurasia, the nephew and child prodigy of flute maestro Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, has a famous name to live up to. Amongst the promising musicians of the second generation, Rakesh has carved a niche for himself , as an accomplished flautist. Incorporating the tradition of his renowned uncle and infusing his personal style , he has evolved a style which while maintaining the purity of the flute manages to capture the attention of the young listeners too. The most accomplished of disciples of his uncle, however, shows all the promise to carry the Chaurasia legacy to new heights. Recently Rakesh toured as a duo for classical concerts as well as for The Masters of Percussion with legendary tabla virtuoso Ustad Zakir Hussain at some prestigious venues globally. 

Pt Sangeet Mishra who is one of the few Sarangi players left in India and who is a 3rd Generation Sarangi master.Young Maestro Sangeet Mishra has learnt music from his father Pandit Santosh Mishra. He has also received advanced training from his paternal and maternal grandfathers Maestro Bhagwan Das and Maestro Narayan Das Mishra respectively. Sangeet has performed on several music platforms in India and overseas. Sangeet is a talented musician and a capable exponent of the Benaras tradition. Sarangi is an Indian bowed instrument with about 50 strings. Its sound is considered to match the human voice most closely, and its name literally means “hundred colours”, reflecting the wide range of tones and moods it can evoke
Ali Sarshar who is a music director/composer and amazing Harmonium and Keyboard player. He is Yama’s younger brother and has learnt both Eastern and Western Music from his Father Ustad Sarshar. Ali Sarshar has composed and made music for many Afghani, Indian, Pakistani and Iranian musicians and is very much in demand as well.
He has performed with Arjit Singh, Kapil Sharma, Ustad Fazal Qureshi, just to name a few, Ali has also scored the background music for many internationally accompanied documentary and movies such as “Son of a Lion” by Director Benjamon Gilmore which has won many International Awards. 
Chris Fields is a 3rd generation drummer and percussionist originally from the U.S.A. He began his musical training with his father, Jerry Fields, who introduced him to Drum Kit, Afro-Cuban Percussion, and Indian Tabla. He continued his Tabla training under the intense guidance of Pandit Ram Chandra Suman as well as the legendary Pandit Shankar Ghosh and Sri Yogesh Samsi.
Dauno Martinez Bassist/ Guitarist/ Drummer/ Composer & Arranger. Since primary school he has been performing in many musical situations. Currently Dauno Martinez is at the very top of session musicians in the country and the world playing with many different local and international Artists. 
Dauno Martinez has been at the very beginning of many of the top local original & cover bands. Also with his family Group “Martinez”, featuring his father Victor Martinez and Brothers Andro, Fenix, Banel, they have toured and opened for such artists as Diana Crawl, George Benson, Jackson Brown, Angelic Kidjo, Andy Summer (Police), Solomon Burk, Maceo Parker, Robert Randolph, Human Nature, Brian Ferry, and more. Dauno has also represented Australia and the World Expos Japan & China. Dauno has arranged many jam sessions where international artists on tour have jammed with him such as, Stevie Wonder Band, The Head Hunters, Justin Timberlake band, Natalie Cole Band, George Clinton PFunk Parliament Funkadelic Members, Roy Ayers Band, and Santana Band members, among others. Martinez for 9 months was live-to-air to millions of people week to week on Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 as the house Bass Player. Teaching is a tradition in the Martinez Family.

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