When Age is No Bar

Members of the IWA performed an interesting skit

Students of Gayathri Krishnamurthy featuring "Bharatham" to the poetry of Bharathiyar

I am in two minds about writing a feature article on a community event, as this swerves away from the central theme of Sydhwaney not being related exclusively to a classical music or dance event. However what is egging me is the tremendous effort and enthusiasm with which the senior citizens group NSW Indian Welfare Association [IWA] came together this weekend. A group of individuals over the age of 60 or thereabouts through their intelligence, hard work and positivity produced an evening that made me feel proud. Proud that they were successful in bridging the great divide with youngsters by giving opportunities for young students of Nrityagriha and Thrayee School of Dance to perform, proud that they proved that age is no bar to living life to the hilt, proud that despite minimum resources, ┬ásuch as a full time employed status, as many are now retired and dependant to a degree upon their children, many dont have a ‘Vahanam’ that we take for granted in our garage and have to painstakingly rely upon public transport to shop, to meet, to print, to distribute, to organise and most of all I am proud that I have friends like them. Where twenty years are shed away in the brilliance of their smile and the spark in their eyes, you will find a contributing volunteering member of the IWA.

Nrityagriha Students of Padma Balakumar enjoying their evening behind scenes

Mark my words, should we reach a threshold in our busy and busier lives to stop and ask ourselves an honest to God question what have we done for our community ? What have we done to reach out and hold a person’s hand as he or she battles a serious illness that plagues our western busy lives today, loneliness. If you dont find an answer, may be you will find the answer in Saraswathy Venugopalan, the Secretary of the IWA and its other members.┬áThe NSW IWA does not only hold events but meets every month where they engage in all manner of stimulating activities such as teaching delicious culinary delicacies, visit important and interesting sites and get guest speakers to talk to them about health related matters and more. More Photos here

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