Natraj Arts Concerts


LISTEN to Anuradha Kuber singing Raag Kedar below . Purchase her CD at Underscore Records Click Here 

  U Srinivas and Anuradha Kuber

 Natraj Arts have been organising North South Double Bills for the last 15 years in Australia. The concerts last for about one and half hours each. “Just enough time for listeners who have not heard this type of music before to be introduced to both styles on a night out in the city” says Mohindar Dhillon.

Organised with flair Natraj Arts, once again brought the best musicians to Sydney, presenting them in the best of venues each time, the concert was held at the Sydney Theatre Company. Mandolin Srinivas was accompanied by his brother Rajesh on the Mandolin with Murugabhoopathy on the Mridangam. U Srinivas and Rajesh presented a ragam thanam pallavi in Ragam Shanmughapriya. U Srinivas’s development of the raga in Shanmughapriya was exquisite which was followed by a ragamalika in various ragas some of them recognisable as Mohanam, Shivaranjini, Bhoopalam etc. A swift Nalinakanthi “manavyalakin” in Adhi Thalam, 16 beat cycle, added the required tempo and texture to the concert. Murugabhoopathy presented a “Konnakol [voice percussion] followed by playing the same rhythmic structures on the mridangam”. Decidedly a roaring success with the audience. The concert had all the beauty and frills required to make it palatable to the audience.

This Concert was followed by a vocal hindustani rendition of Anuradha Kuber which is still reverberating in my ears. Anuradha’s voice has this exceptional quality. Like many young artists of today Anuradha is educated and savvy. She not only has a good command on English but also speaks French. She commenced the evening with Raag Jog followed by Raag Kedar,  finally finishing in a lilting Sindhu Bhairavi. Anuradha was ably accompanied on the Harmonium by Suyog Kundalkar and Deshpande on the Tabla. 

Hear Sydhwaney’s podcast of Anuradha Kuber here

A collection of Anuradha Kuber’s CD is a must for all Hindustani lovers. A copy of the same can be obtained from the website for those who are interested.

Next Year’s Natraj Arts brings a Kathakali Bonanza when 20 dancers from the South Of India, Kerala, shall arrive at the shores of Sydney. Thanks to the ICCI and the Consulate General of India the programme promises to be the most exciting and perhaps the first Indian Kathakali Dance Production to be shown in Australia.