The Nine Sacred Stars

Rasika Dance Academy has always stood for charitable causes using Bharathatyam to channel talent, provide a platform to students and most importantly raise funds for such noble endeavours. The outcome we envision is to provide a path to the needy through education, a new lease of life for the seriously ill children and their families all focused on making the journey as easy as possible.

We have always been honoured to get support from various sections of the society and in turn who give Rasika Dance Academy the opportunity to showcase Bharathanatyam and provide the on-stage experience for its students which is vital in embellishing this traditional Indian dance form.

True to this Rasika Dance Academy has left a proud history of past productions and helping charities across Australia and India since 2003. As our future looks bright and we at the Dance Academy now have joined hands with OzindCare who have worked in helping the helpless for a number of years from a humble beginning, the concept this year is a Bharathanatyam ballet titled “The Sacred Grahas” which weaves the story on how heavenly planets are aligned and is intrinsically stories linked to our everyday lives.

To bring this ballet to life the director of Rasika Dance Academy Manjula Viswanath has worked profusely with scholars and musicians from India and envisioned this story through Bharathanatyam especially for this ballet. The storyline is adapted from Great Poet & Composer Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar while the lyrics has been provided by Smt Dwaraki Krishnaswamy who also happens to be the CEO of Orkay Products in India and the musical score by Sri Balasubramanya Sharma with over 20 musicians.
This will be nonstop ballet which will have 3d effects, numerous colourful costumes, and specialised effects with lots of classical entertainment. The connection to the audience will be through these untold stories that many would never have heard.

All the attributes of the Sacred Grahas have been moulded using music and dance to convey the importance on how the planets and our lives are closely linked .In mathematics we all learn to deal with the operators such as plus, minus, multiplication and division, so too in this case in nature, these 9 planets can be used into the structure of consciousness that can be identified in very way, system and dynamics of life. While on a physical level the Navagrahas can manifest as the mechanics within our solar system.

At 6:30pm on the 3rd of May 2014 – UNSW Kensington is when the journey of The Sacred Grahas will come alive to the audience and we hope that people come to support both Rasika Dance Academy and Ozindcare on such a great occasion.

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