Countdown Live

On Sunday the Park Stage had some awesome acts some of them included musicians like Nirmal Jena and his group that started with some meditative kirtans, followed by Richard Petkovic’s Blue Mary and others.

Of significance was the mini style production of ‘Countdown Live’ by the teachers of Samarpana School of Indian Dance. The students of Padmabhushan (the highest award conferred in India to a guru) Prof CV Chandrasekar, Shobana and Suresh, in a thematic Bharathanatiyam performance showcased unique rhythmic patterns in this traditional style. A conversation in rhythm this exciting group   united rhythmic vocalisation, music and the sounds of the south indian double sided drum in an engaging partnership. The interplay between rhythm and traditional text in song formed a game in self expression and story of numbers as the dancer explored creative steps in simple yet complex patterns

A window to a full scale performance, they brought each aspect of a traditional production and dedicated it to one rhythm. The first was Pushpanjali set to four beats; then the Alarippu set to three beats; the Sabtham – “Thandai muzhanga” set to seven beats.

The usual Varnam was depicted only in one paragraph set to five beats, in a song composed by Chidambaram R. Suresh.

The last came the crowning jewel in the thillana set to nine beats in Ragam Ranjani composed by Chidambaram R. Suresh.

For each of the 5 sections of the performance Suresh’s composed jathis, vocal percussion breathed life in a conversational exchange – a rhythmic collaboration between dancer, vocal percussionist and mridangist.

The performers were aptly supported by a live ensemble of musicians Mirudangam – Pallavarajan Nagendran; Young Vocalist – Devika Krishnamoorthy who sang flawlessly to the beats of the mridangam; Violin – Nagaraj Iyer and on the Vocal percussion composer and choreographer, Chidambaram R. Suresh.

You Tube references of the performance .


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