3. GN Balasubrahmaniam


Listen to Ananda Natesa Sung by GNB in Ragam Todi

by Iyer Brothers

G N Balasubramaniam, popularly known as G N B, the first and arguably the most famous acronym in Carnatic music, developed a style of singing that symbolized the energy and exuberance of youth. He could produce fast gamakam-laden sangathis with strength and weight and with a fertile imagination. With a gifted voice capable of rendering brighas, twists and turns at break-neck speeds, GNB became an instant hit with both the lay audience as well as the initiated.

GNB reigned supreme for three decades in the world of Carnatic music. He swayed the minds of the rasikas through the rich timbre of his voice and his immense repertoire. He was peerless in his style of raga elaboration and middle tempo rendering coupled with his inimitable style. He carried his handsome personality laden with music virtuoso with ease and grace !

Besides this individuality, GNB also brought in an intellectual element into his art. A strong believer and supporter of innovation, he experimented new possibilities but without affecting time honoured values of the Carnatic tradition, thus becoming a trendsetter. Most aspiring musicians even today want to follow his style. He has left a rich legacy through his compositions, sishyas and an inmitable GNB bani !