Questionnaire for Dancers

If you strongly feel good musicians need accompany a dance programs score it 10. Help BN and WWW of
who plan to look at the general perceptions regarding similar aspects of this form of performing arts. 

Sydhwaney has agreed to join their efforts and request all in Australia, and anywhere else for that matter, to complete the following survey. It will take you around 5 mins. Thanks for your time!

Note on answering the survey:-

Most of the answers need you to ascribe a numerical value in the space provided. The length of the open end answers are totally upto you. You may leave out questions that you dont want to answer. If there’s anything else that you want to say, for any of the questions or otherwise with regards to the topic, please feel free to do so! And also let us know if we can quote you in the report.

Please scroll to the bottom of the screen and put your answers as in Q1. 8;  Q2. 10 etc and SUBMIT. Last date Nov 5th, 2009.

 Here are some questions:

Rate them on a scale of 0- 10 , with 0 meaning you strongly disagree and 10 meaning you stronglyagree


strongly disagree   ————————   strongly agree

For eg, on ques 1, if you strongly feel good musicians need accompany a dance programs score it 10 – So here we go:

Q1. Is it important for you to have a good musician accompany dance programs you attend/perform? 

Q2. Is it essential for the accompanying musician(singer) to know enough to sketch a raga/improvise? 

Q3. Do you think it would suffice for dance musicians to be able to render the recital songs flawlessly? 

Q4. It helps for a dancer to know carnatic music?

If you agree,how and why? ______________________________________

Q5. Attending music concerts can help dancers become better dancers? 

Q6. Attending dance concerts can help improve the quality of music for musicians?

Q7. Professional carnatic music singers/instrumentalists do not feel comfortable accompanying dancers?

Q8. Singing for dance require some specialised skills as compared to singing at a vocal concert.

If you agree, can you elaborate on it?_____________________________________

Q9. The present trend in using professional quality CD for dance presentations?

Q10. Survey answered by:-___________________

Q11. Your Location:__________________________

Q12. What describes you best?- Dancer/ Musician/ dance teacher/rasika (restrict yourself to one only)

Q13. Can we quote you on the article? Y/N?

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