Pallavi Concert : Kasturi Rangan

Kasturi Rangan, disciple of TN Seshagopalan, was accompanied by Mysore Srikanth on Violin and Sridhar Chari Mrudangam. A modest concert in all respects presented in the humble unpretentious surrounds of the Ermington Community Centre, the artists commenced the concert with a Thyagaraja composition in Saami Dhaya Choodava in Ragam Kedaragowlai set to adhi thalam. This was followed by a song popularised by MSS, in Ragam Sri Ranjani Sogasuga Mridanga in roopaka thalam.

Noticeably, the mridangam accompaniment of Sridhar Chari fully complimented every single flight of musical phrase that Kasturirangan took. Much is to be said of percussionists who have the knowledge and know the song that they are accompanying to.

Kasturirangan then proceeded to sing Kalyani in Kanda Chapu thalam to the song ‘Ammara Vamma’. The neraval or the extempore exploration of one phrase of the song ‘thaamarasa dhala nethri’ (the lotus eyed one), was aptly and suitably supported on the violin by Mysore Srikanth. Kasturi Rangan

What followed was a tamil composition of Bharathiyar in Ragam Varamu set to Mishra Chapu thalam, Saga Varam Arulvai. Rendered in the usual sprightly TNS style, the usual pathos of varamu was not missed. The thani avarthanam that followed was a pleasure to the ears, most enjoyable. A relish.

The composition of Dikshidar in Ragam Nasikabhushini  Sri Rama Saraswathi was rendered in the TNS style.

An elaborate ragam in Ragam Bhairavi to the song Bala Gopala Palaya Sudha followed. By this time, Kasturirangan had successfully demonstrated his complete command of the musical notes and rhythm. However his arrangements were slightly repetitive and needless to say predictable. Mysore Srinath’s explorations and bani complimented Kasturirangan every which way possible, making the concert experience worthwhile.

The concert concluded with a Ragam Thanam Pallavi in Sunadavinodini where Kasturirangan explored other ragas such as Jhujhavanti, Revathi, Vasanti etc and composition in Sindhu Bhairavi.