Pallavi Concert

Those who have been to a Pallavi concert know what to expect from these concerts that extol the traditions of Carnatic or South Indian music in Australia.

Carnatic music concerts are lead by a vocalist who is usually accompanied by a violin and a percussion instrument called the Mridangam. The partnership is instant and thrives on an active understanding and knowledge of Carnatic Music as a whole. The musicians challenge and work with each other’s musical and rhythmic vocabularies. To watch a Carnatic music concert is to see a story of partnership unfold like none other.

Pallavi concerts have now turned a new leaf, as they search and bring young artists of immense talent and training from India in the recent years. Their next concert features, Ramakrishnan Murthy, youthfully refreshing accompanied by the rhythmic master of excellence none other than U.K. Sivaraman and on the violin by none other than Nagai Sriram.

An enviable combo.