Melbourne Music Festival





Venue: Kel Watson Theatre, Forest Hill Secondary College

Saturday 20TH May (2pm – 9.30pm) Sunday 21ST May (10am – 12.30pm & 2pm – 9pm)

Booking/Ticket Information: Admission to Pancharantam Segment (Entire morning session of Day 2) : FREE For other events: 2-Day season ticket: Family: $35 [Not to be shared with members of another family unit] Single day ticket: Family: $25 [Not to be shared with members of another family unit] Single day ticket: Adult or Pensioner: $15 Single day ticket: Child [Under 20 years of age with ID] : $10

For more information and reservations, contact the Academy of Indian Music or Sruthi Laya Kendra on 0411 321 556 or email [Seats cannot be reserved or guaranteed in the festival environment due to floating audiences].

Roja Kannan

Pancharatna Krithis (2014)

MEDIA RELEASE (23 March’17)

2017 Melbourne Trinity Festival for one of the World’s Oldest Classical Art Forms

One of the greatest composers of Indian classical music will be celebrated on 20-21 May in Melbourne at the annual MumMoorthigal Jayanthi and Tyagaraja Festival. The classical music of Southern India, also known as Carnatic music, is one of the world’s oldest and richest musical traditions. The music is developed using highly evolved melodic scales called ragas and varied rhythm cycles called talas. The music is enriched by several thousands of compositions, some of the eminent composers being Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Shyama Sastry and Swati Tirunal. The improvisation of the melodic and rhythmic structures is also a key feature of the music. Presented by the Academy of Indian Music Australia and Sruthi Laya Kendra Aust for the 31st successive year, the annual event recognises the contribution of composer sage Tyagaraja and fellow composers Muthuswamy Dikshithar and Shyama Sastri – considered by many as the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Carnatic music. Sri Tyagaraja was influential in the development of the Carnatic classical tradition, composing thousands of devotional lyrics (most of them in praise of the Hindu deity Rama) that remain popular to this day. Many of Australia’s senior Carnatic musicians will enrich the festival by their participation. Other program highlights include:

A congregational rendition of Sri Tyagaraja’s celebrated set of five compositions, the Pancharatna Krithis (“The Five Gems”)

Performances by more than 60 young performers of vocal, string, percussion and dance (Bharathanatyam) from leading musical institutions in Melbourne and overseas.

Also, besides the very talented emerging artists from the next generation of Australia’s carnatic classical music and dance community, Roja Kannan, a distinguished dance (Bharathanatyam) exponent is also expected to grace the Festival with short collaborative presentations with Melbourne-based artists. Admission is free to all for the congregational rendition on the morning of Sunday 21 May.


Festival Artistic Director, Ravi M Ravichandhira OAM, said the festival has become an integral part of Melbourne’s cultural calendar and was recognised by leaders in government, the arts and the community. “This event has grown over the last 31 years to become one of the largest festivals outside of India in celebration of Tyagaraja’s contribution to Carnatic music,” Mr Ravichandhira said. “Melbournians are known for their love of all music and this event is a great opportunity to experience one of the world’s oldest classical art forms.” Please contact us on 0411321556 or for ‘guest passes’ if you wish to introduce ‘First Time Guests’ or ‘dignitaries’ to the Festival. Volunteers for a number of activities & Donations are welcome.

2.00PM – 2.35PM Kalyanavasantham

Raghuveer & Narayan Rangan (Vocal), Bhairavi Raman (Violin), Pragadeesh Shanmugarajah (Mridangam)

2.45PM – 3.20PM Pallavi Susarla (Vocal), Narayanan Ramakrishnan (Violin), Venkat Ramakrishnan (Mridangam)
3.30PM – 4.05PM Bhairavi Raman (Violin), Nanthesh Sivarajah (Mridangam), Athavan Wijeyamanoharan (Ghatam)
4.15PM – 4.50PM Sruthi-Laya Ensemble

Adrian Sherriff (Trombone), Jonathan Dimond (Bass Guitar),

Narmatha Ravichandhira (Violin), Ravi M Ravichandhira (Mridangam), Sai-Nivaeithan Ravichandhira (Tabla)

5.00PM – 5.45PM Jayshree Ramachandran (Vocal), Narmatha Ravichandhira (Violin), Sridhar Chari (Mridangam)
5.55PM – 6.40PM Murali Kumar (Violin), Balasri Rasiah (Mridangam)
6.50PM – 7.35PM Sundari Saripalle (Vocal), Murali Kumar (Violin), Ravi M Ravichandhira (Mridangam), Adrian Sherriff (Morsing)
7.45PM – 8.30PM Iyer Brothers (Ramnath & Gopinath) (Veena), Lojen Wijeyamanoharan (Mridangam)
8.30PM – 8.45PM Compere’s Notes & Speeches
8.45PM – 9.30PM Nagarathnammal’s Dream

A talking dance/music performance based on the life of the Devadasi Bangalore Nagarathnammal who was responsible for the revival of the Tyagaraja Festival as we know it today, by Dr Priya Srinivasan and Uthra Vijay with Soumya Raghavan, Preetha Lakshmi and Aparna Ananthuni