Interview with Festival Director Philip Rolfe

Sydney is today a melting pot of cultures, languages, traditions and Parramatta is no different. Three years of Parramasala has provided focus to the diaspora of  South Asian cultures that inhabit the Parramatta region, especially from the Indian subcontinent.

The Festival has therefore true to its nature been colourful, charismatic and challenging.

From Susheela Raman to Hari Prasad Chaurasia to other artists like Soumik Datta, Britain’s face of new music, Philip Rolfe states the Festival this year attempts to move in the direction  of presenting a broader spectrum of programmes yet maintaining a fine balance of some of the traditional.

In this short interview with Sumathi Krishnan of  Sydhwaney, Philip Rolfe  says it like it has been for him these last three years  “a mixed experience”.  But are these his parting words ?

Sydhwaney Interviews Philip Rolfe, Festival Director of Parramasala

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