Lalitha Dances at Murugan Temple

Lalitha Balasubramaniam, student of Manjula Viswanathan, the Director of Rasika Dance Academy, is showing increasing promise with each moment since her Arungetram. Unlike most dancers who go into a spell of dormancy after their Arungetram, she has been performing at various cultural venues and developing her well honed and rehearsed movements even more. As is expected this has lead to an increase in stamina, strength and balance in her dance. She recently performed for the Saiva Manram at the Parramatta Murugan Temple whom she thanks for giving her the opportunity to pursue her practice and learning of dance.

Lalitha performed the following pieces in the format of a traditional margam taking her viewers with her every step of the way:

Items which she performed are:
Pushpanjali in ragam Bahudari talam adi
Jatiswaram- Ragam Saveri, talam adi
Padam- Ragam- Ragam- Panthuvarali ( on lord nataraja)
Shakthi Koothu- Siva Shkathi ( on devi)
Devarnamam- Shuddha Dhanyasi, talam adi ( on lord narayana)
Devarnamam- Brindavani Saranga, talam adi ( on muruga)
Thillana- Madhuvanthi, talam adi

Sydhwaney wishes her all the best in her efforts.

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