A Song a Day, A Dollar a Dream


When I happened to find myself in the same room as the man behind the label, Suresh Gopalan the founder of Charsur Digital Work Station out popped the question “So whats Hot at Charsur Studios in Chennai these days?” The Answer came “Charsur Arts Foundation”. Today Charsur is a prestigious recording label holding the enviable position of producing music that is exquisite. Exquisitely Carnatic! Charsur has nurtured talent with care and well. Now they plan to take this a step further with Charsur Arts Foundation. The Foundation works towards preservation of music and talent. Both go hand in glove and shall amongst others cruise through unchartered waters in search of rare quality recordings and compile what can only be termed “A treasure chest of downloadables”.


Charsur shall obtain the permission of the artists make this music available for download from its website www.charsur.com. Mr Gopalan says “We will cull and digitise these precious recordings, be it Kalyanaraman or rare recordings of Madura Mani or Alathur Bros or a concert given by Sanjay Subrahmanyam”. And here comes the major objective behind this venture: “The proceeds from this music shall be shared with both the main and accompanying artists”. Complete transparency is assured in the process. Artists shall be able to see how many downloads have occurred in a month thus allowing them to keep track of the downloading progress. Sydhwaney found several songs downloadable for a minimal cost of about a dollar or less. A Song A Day, A Dollar A Dream is therefore going to be a regular Sydhwaney feature where we shall try and focus on a song from the CAF sandeep-narayanselection when ever possible. Our choice for today is a song composed by S Kalyanaraman in Sindhu Bhairavi sung by Young upcoming talent Sandeep Narayan . An Awesome Voice and An Awesome composition. Listen to an excerpt here !! or if you prefer an all time favourite Bombay Jayasree singing a rare ragam Nasikabhushini in Maravairi Ramani here Download and take this great opportunity!!