Who is your Online Guru

WHO IS YOUR ONLINE GURU !!.. Panel Discussion on Sydhwaney this month. So leave your comments below. Here is an opportunity to share and tell us your story !!

When I first came to Sydney in 1984, I never thought the thirst for classical music which I loved, not quiet so obsessively in India, would become so strong. After spending the first 10 yrs settling into this country I wanted to do something more tangible with music and so my hunt began for a guru. My discussion for all to join in and tell us is their experiences and journeys with their online guru ? What did they learn from this guru ? Dont forget the nitty gritty last minute things that add to the ultimate ‘performance’ in our lives. One of them is ofcourse Google Maps! .. I would not reach any concert in Aust without them. When it comes to bhajans, poetry, slokas, keerthanams, khayals, information on ragas, musicians and their history on various topics who guided you the most .. lets talk about that ..

17th May 2010

I have been researching Purva Kalyan / Puriya Kalyan of Hindustani Music and its like named Poorvi Kalyani of Carnatic Music. After studying Bhathkande and then reading what Subba Rao had to say about the two ragas in his comparative Study of these ragas, I asked a friend who pointed me to this site here

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