Unity in Dualism

Debapriya and Samanwaya engaged the audience with their blissful presentation of Raag Marwa accompanied on the tabla by Sydney’s very own tabla player Nikhil Harishchandrakar. The programme while sparsely attended made for a cosy evening at the Canada Bay Civic Hall in Drummoyne on the 4th October 2009. Organised by a budding organization Syd-Kol Inc and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the programs dated surroundings lent a helping hand as the vocals of the Debapriya and the Sitar sounds of Samanwaya wafted above the high vaults of this auditorium. Raag Marwa a difficult raag to treat at times was given the required touches on vocals by Debapriya as Samanwaya on the Sitar sometimes accompanied and sometimes played a complimenting idea to the vocal rendition. The rendition was presented in an instrumental format with a raga exploration in the beginning followed by a wonderful vocal nom-tom. The druth bandhish set to a twelve beat cycle brought out the mood of the raga accompanied by the accompaniment of Nikhil Harishchandrakar on a tabla that had a rather wide faced bhaayan!! the right component of the tabla. They followed this piece with Jhanana Mori Bhaje in Teen Taal which was riveting layakari.

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These compositions were followed by a soulful raag Durga set to a Jhap Thaal in praise of the Goddess Durga after which Debapriya launched into some rare styles of singing classical music such as Tappa, Kajri and a Chaithi competently accompanied by the other instrumentalists. The flavor of their music shall remain with us until the next time. They will be giving a few more performances in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne before flying back to India. For more details on their forthcoming programs contact us on Sydhwaney@gmail.com.


Further below watch a exemplary moment during a soulful rendition of Raga Shree at the Vedanta Centre of Sydney today

In a recent interview with Sydhwaney they say :

1. How did the two of you come together ? Ans: We met in a concert and gradually became good friends. As we started working on our music we developed an understanding which reflects in our music. It is music that is the binding force between us by the grace of Goddess Saraswati.

2. How long have you been playing together ? We have been playing together for the last three years.Infact we are the first duet that has been formed between a vocalist and an instrumentalist and our DUO act is novel and new in this genre of music.

3. When did you get the idea to do vocal/sitar concerts? It was not like an idea to start with. This confluence was not pre planned. We started practising together for our own musical enrichment but our ideas developed from each others’ technique and musical expressions. All of a sudden, we started enjoying working and making music together. We thought we could take it to a professional level of performance on the stage. Today, it is a confluence into which we put our souls and our understanding to go beyond. Probably we are the first Indian Classical musicians who are working on the Duet consistently with the purpose of making music that is soul searching and wonderful. So far the response from our audiences has been greatly encouraging. With each performance we are further enhancing our technical presentation and ideas. And there has been a lot of changes made to our presentation now from our previous performances last year in Australia.

4. How do you mix the Gayaki and Instrumental styles or have you found a novel and new way of doing this? Our music has a blending of Dhrupad, Khyal and Tantrakari on a single canvass. We learnt in the style of same Gharana which helps. Presently we are under the tutelage of Legendary Girija Deviji. So she is also putting feathers in our style. But the way we are presenting our music is traditional and we are not copying any one’s particular style.

5. What message do you have to give to your audiences ? We only seek their blessings.

6. Who are your idols ? All those mortals and living legends who have contributed their whole life for Music.
7. What is your favourite raga ? and why ? All Ragas are favourite to us. We cannot distinguish because each has its own character like children in a family. Everybody is unique and we love every one. Music is our first love and we believe it is the easiest means to reach the Almighty. CD’s released by Debapriya and Samanwaya shall be available for Sale. To get your copies please email sydhwaney at gmail dot com

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