TM Krishna prescribes Silence Solitude

TM Krishna answers the questions sent to him in his usual precise manner. He performs on the Monday night, 14 June 2010 at the Ian Turbott Auditorium, UWS, Rydalmere.

1. Audiences abroad how do you find them ?

The same as the ones in india. The only diff is that they are willing to hear longer concerts over 3 hours and not impatient.

2. Your favourite raga ?

Cannot answers this question

3. Your favourite song ?

Changes according to my mood, time of the day, artist etc

4. Your favourite singer ?

Many. all the masters of the 40’s for sure

4a. Your First concert ?

1989 – spirit of youth series at The music Academy. i was 12

5. What practices did you or do you follow before giving a concert ?

Nothing special. I dont practice. I dont like to hear any music. I like a power nap. Prefer to remain silent. Dont like people chattering.

6. In choosing pieces for a concert what are the various things that influence you in selecting those pieces ?

I dont choose pieces. I let things happen as they do on stage itself

7. Do you think all artists should introduce something new at Each Concert ?, If so, what are you going to do in Sydney ?

First we need to start from how you define New? Every artist must perform with honesty and integrity. Thats all. Even something old can be very new and something new can sound very old. In Sydney I am going to get on stage and sing. Thats all. All the rest will happen.

8. Do you still continue learning ? and how do you do it ?

Yes i do . I do structure compositions from notations etc and do learn from recordings of past masters.

9. Have you composed songs and where and how did you get inspired to do that. ?

No I have not composed ( as in written the lyrics and tuned the song) I have of course tuned many poems etc. This usually just happens. Its all got to do with a feel. Sometimes it works then the tune works sometimes it just will not happen.

10. Your most inspiring moment ?

All moments of complete silence while singing.

11. What would you like your Sydney audience to remember of your concert ?

We will see!!!!!

12. Future of Carnatic Music is it Carnatic Rock or … ?

The future of carnatic music is rocking!!!!

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