Timeless Jugalbandhi

Nikhil Bannerjee played the Sitar and Ali Akbar Khan the sarod. They were both students of Allauddin Khan Saheb, a musical genius who could play many indian instruments. Baba Allauddin Khan as he was called fondly was the initiator of the Maihar Gharana  the name of his style of music that he played as a court musician in the court of the King of Maihar.

The timelessness of the jugalbandhi between Nikhil Bannerjee and Ali Akbar Khan below shows two of Baba’s students playing with such companionship each phrase compliments the others thoughts and imagination. A wonderous creation. They are accompanied by a fantastic tablist Mahapurush Misra. As you listen to the music below ask yourself is there any musician present in the world today who can match these maestros. They explode yes explode not explore, two myths, one that Classical Music is slow and another that it is boring.. Classical Music in the hands of some musicians transforms one into a world of magic. Excellence speaks for itself and requires no selling. The Author thanks Kishori Ray who has loaded these videos onto You Tube.

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