Time Never Sleeps


Boring !! is a word which has no place in the dictonary of a creative mind for their battle is only with one thing Time !!  To catch up with time. For how can one catch up with time that never sleeps, never stops for any one.  As I stay awake one morning this very theme strikes me as something many poets may have written about and so I take you on a journey of timeless pieces that talk about time.. Time that never sleeps !!

Sanjay Subrahmanyam one of the foremost classical carnatic singers in India today steals the show for his intuitive rendition of this wonderful poetry written in Tamil by V Pillai. The poet simply commences by saying:  “The country side sleeps quietly, while you are awake; You with your running shoes on do not stop, with careless disregard for others you run ; do you care about who lives or dies and or what is happening around you !  You who are hated by those indebted knee deep!  You! Oh Time ! Oh Time ! 

 This Full Song can be downloaded here

A talented group of artists Sandy Evans on Saxophone, Satsuki Odamura on Koto and Tony Lewis on rhythms present their Jazzy interpretation of  ‘Time that never Sleeps’. The song title that inspired me to dwell into different genre’s of music to write this article.. Listen to them below

Waratah – Time Never Sleeps

Time Never SleepsYou can buy their CD and read about the artists at www.waratah.asia


Asha Bhosle, the Voice of India sings an all time Bollywood classic – Neither the future nor the past does one know, the remains of the day brings just this moment, capture it with both hands

Whilst time and tide never waits for any, one needs to wait for that moment when things come together. Sung in Charukeshi a song by India’s foremost Hindustani Singer Rashid Khan


What defines moments ? is it the presence of you my love or the momentous voice and style of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan from Pakistan. Listen to the Saxophone Jazz interludes brought to life in a mixture of styles. Creative Moments, timeless moments come and go while we struggle to capture them, Time ticks on…

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