Sydney Musicians in Chennai

The December season in Chennai has commenced this year. Two artists who have been contributing to this season regularly over a decade are senior veena artists and students of Veenai Venkataraman – Ramnath and Gopinath of Melbourne. The musicians will be accompanied on the mridangam by none other than another local talent from Australia, Bala Shankar –


Amongst younger musicians is Krishna Ramarathinam who has with his unswaying commitment to music making waves in his own right at the Marghazhi festival each year.


The writer shall attempt to attend at least one of these performances. I couch this statement with so much of doubt as besides needing to become familiar with all else that is happening at the Season during my limited stay of two weeks I have to familiarise myself with the city and the positioning of each of these concerts at the various sabhas. Yet very exciting to be in Chennai, the mecca of music for Dec and Jan this year.

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