Sydney Dance Festival

About the Festival and Organisers

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Australia and Madhuram Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA) the organisers of the Sydney Dance Festival are for the first time in Sydney bringing international and local artists together in a two day festival that is dedicated to the classical forms of indian dance at the prestigious Seymour Centre.

The festival will have sections dedicated to different forms of classical dance that originate from Bengal, Northern India, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and more across the two whole days. Dancers coming to our shores include Sujatha Mohapatra and Ayona Bhaduri Odissi dancers, Sattriya artist Anita Sharma, Kathak artists Vidhu Lal and Kuchipudi artist Prateeksha Kashi and Bharathanatyam dancer Santhosh Radhakrishnan Athreya who will perform across 19 and 20 April 2014. For program details and ticket purchases please click on the brochure above.

The organisers say their aim in organising the Sydney Dance Festival is to encourage participation by local dancers and dance schools in conjunction with eminent young artistes who are at the forefront of their respective dance forms from India. The festival includes workshops and lecture demonstrations. Program of this festival aims at providing the dance schools in Sydney an opportunity for professional development and learning. For the local dance schools it is a challenge to perform  at the Sydney Dance Festival. We shall see the participation of Samskriti School of Dance and Shakti School of Dance during the morning of each days performance.

An action packed artistic weekend, this event is not to be missed for one and all. Please pass on this information to your friends, neighbours and all dear and near. Book your tickets now.

The Kathak artists, Abhimanyu Lal and Vidha Lal.have travelled well and performed internationally at various festivals across the world. Vidha Lal has made a Guinness world record for taking 103 spins in1 minute.


A multi-faceted kathak exponent, Vidha Lal recieved training under Guru Smt Geetanjali Lal of Jaipur Gharana.

An emplanelled artist of the ICCR and ‘A’ Grade artist from Delhi Doordarshan, Vidha has earned great acclaim in the media and fro connoisseurs for her brilliant solo performances all over the world.
A recipient of the prestigious SRI KRISHANA GANA SABHA ENDOWNMENT AWARD 2010, CHENNAI she has also made the guinness world record for taking most numbers of kathak spins (103) in one minute in 2011. With many more awards the list is endless she will be dancing with Abhimanyu Lal for Sydney audiences. Abhimanyu Lal is also an leading exponent of Kathak.

Sujatha Mohapotra speaking about Odissi dance and its origins and specialty.