Sutra: Secrets of Dance

In an exciting production coming up called “SUTRA: secrets of classical Indian dance” Young dancers, Govind Pillai, student of Hamsa Venkat and his sister, a kuchipudi/mohiniyattam dancer, Sandhya will blend film with live dance and music to present a stage documentary on classical indian dance.

In an Interview a few years ago, Goving Pillai told Sydhwaney, that his dream was to bring draw australian focus to Bharathanatyam and bring it closer to the broader Australian community. To achieve this, Govind and Sandhya are taking a documentary approach to their production. “There are so many stories, tragedies, dramas associated with the history of the dance form itself. We will take the audience on a journey through the history of classical indian dance, explaining how it came to be and why it is what it is. All the time….exposing them to live renditions of the same” says Govind.

Sutra will be held on the 1st of October 2011 in Melbourne at 7:30pm at the Union House Theatre Melbourne. Dont miss this show..

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