Sringaram, story of love

A story of love, affection, despair, separation and union.

RASANA DANCE presents Sringaram, the story of love.

On 28th March 2020 at 6:30pm

Bryan Brown Theatre

80 Rickard Road Bankstown NSW

Tickets: $30 and $50 M: 0421 751 161


Sringaram explores the emotion of love in different facets though the Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam. Sringaram is presented to you by Rasana Dance Theatre, a performance company that seeks to explore and push the boundaries of choreography within the traditional precincts of this art form. 

The rarity of a dance event where one sees matured students who have dedicated their time to dance past their arangetram is not only rare, but almost far fetched. What with the confines of time and money and other career plans. Rasana has been breaking this mould in going against the wave under the leadership of Seran Sribalan for the past several years. More power to this group of dancers in the making and their musicians of Sri Lankan tamil origin in Sydney.

Sringaram is a tamil word, which broadly, means everything beautiful. It has the potential to encompass both the physical and the meta physical within its literary usage and practice. The beauty of life and of living.

Please take this opportunity to attend Sringaram in large numbers, and encourage young dancers to move forward past their arangetrams to create a dance existence where true growth begins, physical, cultural and spiritual.

Dancers: Seran Sribalan (Choreography), Kersherka Sivakumaran, Durga Shivaji, Keerthi Ravi, Aruthy Kumanan. 
Musicians: Chrissan Segaram, Arjunan Puveendran, Venkhatesh and Saumaya Sritharan.
PC: Jana Jegathesan, Mercenary Entertainment