Soumik Datta and Bernhard Grooves

We are at Parramatta Riverside Theatre. Its the Parramasala. The show is here. The visuals begin with a climber trying to conquer the peaks of snowy mountains against all odds. He was climbing. On an edge.

Spotlights fall on two unassuming bodies one holding his sarod bent over playing a slow melodic rythm, and the other sitting behind his drum kit. As the climber reaches his peak and dwells below down into the valleys, as a bird flies, the music takes over and the focus shifts to the music played by the two musicians on the stage. On an edge.


What you listen to is scintillating interesting and imaginative. The Sarod player is none other than Soumik Datta and the player on the drums is Austrian born Bernhard Schimpelsberger. The show was unique from the word go. Cutting edge.

Soumik has adapted his sarod modifying it to create other electronic like sounds that spread across several octaves. Proving what was neither repetitive nor complex, its beauty was in his ability to produce with ease a blend of both eastern fingering on the sarod and the sounds of western chords like the bass guitar.

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Bernhard Schimpelsberger’s surprising repertoire ranging from beat boxing to chanting tabla bols was indeed the icing on the cake. In a friendly banter oscillating between the casual to immediate journeys into intensely soulful showing amazing glimpses of a depth and musical  understanding the two refreshing duo constituted an act that shall stay with me for years to come. 






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