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The creative spirit of Hamsa Venkat’s choreography is most beautifuly captured by this favourite quote of hers: Some look at things that are, and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not?” George Bernard Shaw

Hamsa Venkat is a keen explorer of the art form of Bharathanatyam and is a dancer from the Kalakshetra School of dancing in Chennai. She has trained under eminent gurus like Viji Krishnaswamy, Seetharama Sharma of Kalakshetra and Dr. Hema Govindarajan of Bangalore (student of Guru Kittappa Pillai).

Hamsa has many solo performances and dance productions to her credit and has performed widely in India, Kenya, Bahrain and Australia. Hamsa loves to experiment within the traditional framework of Bharathanatyam and has won acclaim for her sensitive and in-depth portrayal of any subject she chooses to present. Milestones in her artistic journey were when she performed for the dance festival in Chidambaram, for the royal family of Bahrain and at the dance festival at Opera House in Sydney. Her contribution to the artistic scene has been recognised by an award from Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan , Australia in 2009.

Hamsa with Senior Student Govind

Samskriti School of Dance has grown to include many junior and senior students, and is a creative hub of personalities. Activities include short productions for local community events and full-length stage shows for prestigious events such as the National Multicultural Festival 2006. Recent. productions include Prakriti – the five elements of Nature staged in Canberra, Sydney and Adelaide, Yatra- a journey through the relationships in the Ramayana, Dasavataram- the ten incarnations of Vishnu, Anuragh- exploring love through the stories of Shakuntala and Meera. Hamsa has also trained in nattuvangam under the veteran Guru Seetharama Sharma of Kalakshetra. More information is available at the dance school website

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