Sandy Evans explores Bhairavi


“Listening to Bhairavi Tillana…I found myself entering a kind of trance and feeling as if I could listen for hours and be absolutely absorbed by the intricate rhythmic and melodic patterns”. Roger Mitchell, Ausjazz Blog June 2010.

In this special concert, one of Australia’s leading Indian musicians, tabla player Bobby Singh, joins jazz musicians Sandy Evans, bass player Steve Elphick and drummer Toby Hall, forging unique musical territory – an extraordinary kaleidoscope of colour, rhythm and melody.

Their soulful melodies, breathtaking improvisations, hypnotic grooves and stunning percussion solos celebrate and redefine the fusion of jazz and Indian music in a unique and sublime way.

Steve Elphick is a truly individual bass player, renowned for his supportive, inventive and adventurous spirit, and the deep expressive warmth of his sound. In recent years he has taken time out from playing professionally to be a carer to a family member with chronic illness. Sandy and Steve first played together in the early 1980s in the KMA Orchestra.

Since then they have shared many wonderful musical experiences like the Women and Children First seven month tour around Australia in 1985, many international tours with Clarion Fracture Zone including an extraordinary trip to Russia and the Baltic States at the time the Soviet Union was disintegrating. For many years they were musical partners in John Pochée’s Ten Part Invention. Toby and Bobby both have deep musical relationships with Steve, established through many years of playing with musicians like James Greening and Kim Sanders. It is with great pleasure that we welcome this rare opportunity to perform with him again.

Sandy’s trio is long established as one of Australia’s great jazz groups, but this concert is special not only for the addition of tabla player Bobby Singh, who once more brings his spellbinding playing to the stage, but also for the fact bassist Steve Elphick will take the place of regular Brett Hirst.

Audiences lucky enough to have heard Steve play with Sandy over the past two decades will know what an extraordinary jazz musician he is and how he shares a strong on stage rapport with the trio.

This is a not to be missed event.

Sandy Evans (saxophone) Steve Elphick (bass) Toby Hall (drums) + Bobby Singh (table percussion)

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