Musings: Ripples of Revathi

Lighthouse Sydney"]Rippling Waves Near Lighthouse Sydney

by Devadhwaney

tuza saguna mhanu ki nirgun re

saguna nirguna eku govindu re

anumane na anumane na

shruti neti neti mhanati govindu re

tuz sthul mhanu ki sukshma re

sthul sukshma eku govindu re

tuz dhrishya mhanu ki adhrishya re

dhrishya adrishya eku govindu re

nivrithi prakaashe dhyana deva bole

baapa rakhumadevi vara vittala re

A-bhang ie- unbreakable, pure or faultless. Abhang is usually sung in

praise of the Hindu god Krishna, also known as Vithala and Vithoba.

If you want to listen to more Abhangvani’s

click here to listen to the Great Bhimsen Joshi singing more Abhang in different ragas

This “abhang” was written in the praise of Lord Govinda by a 13th

Century poet philosopher and Yogi of the Nath Sampradaya, Sant

Dyaneshwar. Known for the body of his works “Bhavartha Deepika

Teeka” and his verse by verse commentary on the great Indian epic

Bhagavath Geetha. Sung in Raag Revathi (or Bairagi Bhairav) and set

to Theen taal the Sydhwanies sing the poet’s words where he is asking

Lord Krishna whether He is

Of form or Formless

Form or Formless you are one Govinda

Sizeable or fine

Sizeable or fine you are one Govinda

Visible or invisible

Visible or invisible you are one Govinda

Raag Revathi in South India is the janya of the 2nd melakartha Rathnangi.

In the North, called Bairagi Bhairav it is the janya of Bhairav Thaat. It comprises

of five notes in the ascending and descending order, SrmPnS – SnPmrS, It contains

Shuddha Ri and Kaishiki Ni or Komal Ri and Komal Ni. Revathi has a calming effect

and has its origins in the chanting of Sama Vedic Mantras.

Having said that, here is a favourite of Sydhwaney. The upcoming singer from

South of India, Vishaka Hari singing a modern composer’s Thillana.

The name of the composer is Lalgudi Jayaraman. Lalgudi it is said composed this Thillana,

a song made up of rhythmic syllables set to a complex arrangements.

No commentary is complete without the mention of the Queen of

Carnatic Music, MS Subbulakshmi. Hear her singing "Swami Sharanam Ayyappa"

The Poet says in Tamil "My devotion and love for you shall entice you to me".

Bombay Jayasree singing Purandara Dasar’s composition

"Yaadhava Ni Va, Yedhukula Nandhana, Madhava Madhusudana Baro"

The poet says "Yadhava, Come to me, Madhusudhana come, listen to my call".

The great Pakistani Khayal Singers, Fateh Ali Khan and Amanat Ali Khan sing Bairagi Bhairav.–FATEH-ALI-KHAN-~-KHAYAL