Rhythms that Dominate Parramasala

Director, Philip Rolfe, revealing the Festival Programme

Festival of South Asian Arts in Parramatta has been long time coming. A Festival which shall unify and consolidate the various cultures that make Parramatta what it is today. After the success of AR Rahman’s concert in December, said Kristina Kenneally, Premier of NSW, the festival shall reflect the community of Parramatta and its spirit while developing its strong ties not only with India but its many neighbouring countries. In Sydney’s west, Parramatta is fast becoming the centre and the hub for Aust-Indian community events, businesses and more.

Twenty Twenty Matches Dr Hariharan says, will be a sure winner

Launching the Festival its, Director Philip Rolfe announced an interesting array of musicians who shall not only visit Parramatta from India but the UK and the USA.

As he announced the names for the Festival, I found it weighing heavily on the side of Rhythm. So we shall see some of the greatest stalwarts of Percussion instruments in town. Karraikkudi Mani with Sruthi Laya, presents Into the Fire in a collaboration with the Australian Art Orchestra; Kailash Kher brings the opening act with Swarathma; Nitin Sawhney shall provide the music for the silent movie A throw of Dice, Tap tap tap with Tap Dancing and Kathak of Pandit Chitresh Das and Jason Samuels Smith; the famous Manganiyar are back again with Rajasthani music and dance.

Talking of Dance, what shall be a talk of the town will be Anandavalli dancing to the music of Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan, pianist. They shall blend Carnatic Music with the sounds of the Piano.

With Indu, Aruna and Ram, all buddies of the Festival

A lot more is planned with 20/20 cricket matches, Burning of the Ravana Effigy, Masala Nights great time to eat the street food we much desire right here dressing the summer nights from 4 November to 8 November.

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