By the Young For the Young

Karpahavalli is an organisation with a traditional name, yet with a new approach.  Subangan the master mind of this project should be congratulated for his undying efforts. Giving the Youth in Sydney an opportunity to present Carnatic Music with a no fuss environment to express their all consuming love for this artform, its organisors made up of youthful talents came together this weekend to create an evening in the memory of many composers, chief amongst them was the great poet Kotiswara Iyer.

Whilst not all of the songs presented were the compositions of Poet Kotiswara Iyer, many teachers had taken up this challenge and opportunity to teach some rare kritis in many rare ragas to make the evening not only a entertaining one but a learning experience. There were many delicious renderings by other the youngest artists such as Prenitha who sang a little Virutham in Valaji and Little Sudarshan who sang a ragamalika preceded by a small raga exploration making it quite delectable. There were unusual ragams like Shadvithamargini, Nasikabhushini, Sucharithra. All performers did an excellent job including the opening numbers by the three veenai artists, Thulasi Gowryshankar, Gobika Sri Ranjan,  Sarulatha Sivapalan on vocals was Gayathri Vishwanathan and accompanying her on the violin Ashvinnie Siva. There were those exceptionally talented like Keerthana who sang “Unnai kaana Ayiram Kann Vendum” a soul searching rendition.

There were some very exquisite renderings of traditional ghana ragams. These were Thodi performed on the Violin by Bhairavi from Melbourne, a young talent to be watched in the song Nee Vanti Deivamu. Followed by Krishna Ramarathinam’s very detailed and heartfelt elaboration of the Ragam Kambhoji in Dikshidar’s Kriti Sri Subramanyena. This was a longest part of the programme consisting of a thani avarthanam and the rhythmic dialogue between Janakan Suthanthiraraj whose fast movements and tekas on the mridangam took up the concert standards by a notch. He was accompanied equally beautifully but with constraint by Bala Shankar an equally competant mridangam artist in Sydney on the Kanjira, Ramesh on the ghatam and Suresh on the Moor Sing. All extremely talented artists.

All in all Karpahavalli, was able to harness a group of youngsters and with the cooperation of their teachers and gurus was able to put up a grand show in the perfect surroundings of the C3 Church in Silverwater. The students were all appreciated by AIR artist from India Mrs Hemalatha Ganeshan. Whilst many lament on the number of new organisations and programmes cropping up in Sydney, I dare say, yes, it difficult to be every where at the same time, but what wonderful crop of classical talent we are nurturing in Sydney..

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