Voices Now Silent


Gangubhai Hangal, the great doyen of Hindustani Music, held in great esteem and known for a voice so majestic,  left this world a few days back. Sydhwaney brings to its readers an interesting interview  given by Shubha Mudgal on BBC Radio revealing the difficult voyage that Gangubhai Hangal as a female singer and artist had to take to pursue her career in music and the many challenges she faced as a musician of her time. Shubha Mudgal fondly recalls her meeting with Gangubhai Hangal 25 years ago and more.

Click this Link: Shubha Mudgal on BBC Radio 

D K Pattammal another doyen from the South of India also left us and that see another end of an era  in South Indian Classical Music.  Coincidentally both DK Patammal and Gangubhai Hangal had a voice which was so distinguished and noted for its almost masculine quality. I grew up listening to DK Patammal as a girl from Delhi who did not understand much of Tamil or the language in which she sang yet as my parents dragged me to all her concerts I recall being lulled in by three quarters of the concert and being quite mesmerized by her voice alone which overshadowed all the accompanists. There were constant comparisons made between Patammal and MS Subbulakshmi at home between my four aunts and my Dad. While MS Subbulakshmi had a sweet melodic voice who had also become popular by acting in several movies, DK Patammal, despite her very different voice formed a huge fan club of her own. She was known for her advanced rhythmic control and certainly stood above the rest carving her own place in a career of music that was as majestic as her voice.

May their Soul Rest in Peace!!