Soorya Festival Sydney 09


Veenai Kannan accompanied by Bala Sankar on mrudangam and Pandit Mukesh Sharma accompanied by Kishan Jeyendran on the Tabla.

The Jugalbandhi between Maestro Kannan and Pandit Mukesh Sharma started with Raag Jog. Kannan explained that the Carnatic equivalent to this raga was Katyuthakanthi a janya of the 32nd melakartha. Accompanied by local percussionists; Mrudangam by Bala Sankar and the Tabla by Kishan Jeyendran the rendering was straightforward and interesting without any gimmicks. Pandit Mukesh Sharma’s humble presence through out the performance and the natural rapport between the artists added to the pleasantness. In an interview with the artists later, Maestro Kannan said “the jugalbandi between the Sarod and the Veena a wonderful combination has never been seen or heard before”. The veena played by Kannan was a new transportable model. If there was a compromise on the quality of the sound emanating from it, that was amply filled by the artists imagination and creativity.