SIMA Arts Council

SIMA Improvised Music Association SIMA  supported by the Arts Council has been holding Jazz concerts at reputable venues for many years. The recent SIMA evening brought one of my favourites Sandy Evans on the Saxophone, Brett Hirst on Bass and Toby Hall on drums. The music held at the Seymour Centre’s cosy theatre downstairs was the apt venue for the sometimes soul searching, and sometimes foot tapping sounds of the sonorous sax from Sandy. An accomplished musician Sandy played the Carnatic piece in Raag Kathahanakuthuhalam, saying she can hardly pronounce the name of the raag however was so taken by it that it was impossible for her to get rid of the tune from her head once she heard it, she says she had to learn it. The Jazzy Raghuvamsha Shuthaam that followed was indeed differently flavoured and very interesting for it was the first time I was hearing it rendered in this fashion accompanied by the sounds of the Bass and the sensitive yet volatile touch of the drums, Toby Hall proved that he was a percussionist far ahead of his years. The treatment of his sometimes loud, and sometimes barely audible drolls may have given a lesson to many a mridangist not to mention its captivating and value added contribution to the Trio. Brett Hirst on the Bass was equally creative providing the most suitable chords to the piece.  SIMA is working at the forefront of supporting artists who are creating music of a new kind. Whether there is place for it in the broader community only time will tell.