Rama Chobe’s Students

Students of Rama Chobe
L to R Rama Chobe and Students and Nikhil Harishchandrakar on Tabla

RAMA CHOBE unassuming and humble was a refreshing breeze of energy and enthusiasm on a Saturday morning. In a concert that spanned a couple of hours Rama Chobe played several raga’s ending with a fantastic soul searching rendition of Raag Komal Rishabh Asavari Todi accompanied by Nikhil Harishchandrakar. Rama talked about the Suzuki Violin after her students gave a demonstration, playing Western Classical pieces and Hindustani Music [Raag Kalavati] in the Indian style. Rama Chobe said studying the Suzuki system of playing western music has also helped her students play Hindustani Music on the Violin. Founder of the First Suzuki School of Violin in Pune, Rama Chobe was in Australia to attend the Suzuki Convention held in Melbourne with her students. She states that she has discovered the secret to unlocking the talents and interest of young children in the Suzuki method and style of teaching. Based on developing the ear for music not dissimilar to the ways of teaching Indian Classical Music, her methods are making holding the violin and playing Hindustani Music less daunting and more fun. The secret Ms Chobe says is not in the final ability to play a piece but starts from the moment the child learns to hold the violin and listens to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. If a child can pick up a language without learning its alphabets first a child can also learn music without necessarily learning all technical aspects of it. The learning if intuitive is faster and more enjoyable. Rama Chobe says that her teaching method has become so successful in Pune that she is getting more and more students coming her way. Rama Chobe plays the Hindustani Classical Violin and comes from a rich background of musical training. Although not initiated and taught in the Suzuki method herself she took to the Suzuki method later studying it and becoming fully qualified in this discipline while she was attempting to teach her own children.