4. Ronu Majumdar In Sydney

Ronu Majumdar performed with Basant Madhur on the Tabla at the Parramatta Town Hall to a small group of ardent followers of his music. It is a shame that an artist of such international repute came and left and hardly half of sydney was aware of his concert.

A few who attended the programme told Sydhwaney that Ronuji commenced the programme with Puriya in a slow raag which was followed by a nom thom and a full unfolding of the raag. However shades of Marwa were not far behind in this rendition. The accompaniment of Basanth Madhur, tablist from New Zealand showed a great deal of promise.

This recital was followed by various smaller pieces and a Dhun. If the artists on stage had a better feedback, the sound system a bit more balanced, it may have been gentler to the ear says one ardent lover of Ronuji’s music. Ronu Majumdar’s command over the bamboo flute is unsurpassed. A student of the great legendary Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Ronu Majumdar had moulded a presence for himself inthe international market by collaborating with many western musicians of good repute. Such as George Brooke and others. Today Ronu Majumdar is very much a Big Name, yet it failed to bring in the numbers. But then music is not a numbers game say a few of his fans who thoroughly enjoyed his genius being thankful for the opportunity to hear him. Some more photos here

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