Rasalayam – Choreographed Rhythms

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Composed by Janakan Suthanthiraraj

Rasana School of Aesthetic Arts presents Rasalayam in a unique production featuring five powerful dancers including Seran Sribalan and others who will dance to live percussion orchestrated under the composition and guidance of Janakan Suthanthiraraj with his team of 10 percussionists.

Exploring choreographic elements that exist between BharathaNatyam, contemporary movement, theatre & rhythms created by a melodic percussion ensemble, Rasalayam seeks to challenge the extent of choreographic creativity without placing boundaries providing viewers with a raw creative experience that shows no restrictions or restraint choreographed by Seran Sribalan & composed by Janakan Suthanthiraraj.

Janakan Suthanthirarai is Sydney’s leading mridangist well established in performing for Bharathanatyam Arangetrams he has demonstrated his ability and understanding of complex dance centric rhythms. He is also known for his other creative ventures such as ‘Eastern Empire’ and others.

Janakan was initiated into the realms of Karnatic music under the guidance of his father and guru Sri R.Suthanthiraraj, and credits his musical accolades to his father’s passion and dedication to classical music. He had extensive training under Mridanga Virtuoso and guru Sri Ravi M.Ravichandhira in Melbourne. Janakan currently is also carrying his musical tutelage under the keen guidance of Mridangam Melakaverri K.Balaji (India). The rhythmic compositions of Rasalayam were composed by Janakan in collaboration with the dancers.

Seran Sribalan is a student of the world renowned dancing couple “The Dhananjayans” in Chennai. He has completed his diploma in Bharatha Natyam and has been a performing artist for over 15 years.

He is currently running his own dance school, “Rasana School of Aesthetic Arts” at Toongabbie. He is well known as one of the leading choreographers, dancers & teachers in Sydney. Seran has been a guest dancer with the Lingalayam Dance Company & also participated as a choreographer at the World Dance Alliance conference in 2008.

His choreography is unique in its style & his shows have toured all over Australia, India, South East Asia and Europe to wide acclaim.

Sneha Rao started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of 5 under the tutelage of Guru Jayashankar Menon in New Delhi, India.  After completion of her arengetram at the age of 13 in New Delhi she continued to further chisel her skills upon moving to Canberra in 1995.

Sneha visited India every summer to learn Bharatanatyam in an intense three month program with Guru B.Bhanumati in Bangalore with whom she further developed an acute understanding of Abhinaya and thus perfecting her dance.

Sneha has given several solo performances including, Delhi Doordarshan in 1992, Shivalik Young Dancers Festival in 1994, solo performances in Canberra and Delhi every year from 1995 – 1998.

Since 2004, Sneha has continued to keep her passion of dance alive by dancing under the guidance of Srimati Hamsa Venkat in Sydney and has been part of several of her group concerts, including Thyagaraja Ramayana in 2004, Prakriti in (2006), Yatra (2007), Dashavataram (2009), Sarvesha(2011), Kavyam(2012) and Kalachakra (2013)  to name a few.

Anurati Krishnamurthy is the daughter and disciple of dancer and teacher Gayatri Krishnamurthy, one of the Trio sisters, of the Dhananjayan lineage.

She commenced learning Bharathanatyam with her Aunt Shobanaa Bhalchandra in Chennai (India). She has had the privilege of learning Abhinanya (the Art of expression) from the renowned Bragha Bessel. She has performed at several festivals in Australia and India. When in India she performs regularly with her Aunt, Radhika Shurajit’s dance troupe.

Kersherka Sivakumaran has been dancing for 19 years under the tutelage of Smt. Shanthy Rajendran, Melbourne. She completed her arangetram in 2010 and has since performed in numerous productions both locally and overseas in England, Sri Lanka and India. She has a broad interest in music and dance having learnt Carnatic music under Sri Siva Ahilan and also learning and performing western dance styles such as contemporary. Since residing in Sydney she has joined Rasana School of Aesthetic Arts under currently is learning from Seran Sribalan.

Baanu Paul Remician  passion for Bharathanatyam was initiated at a very young age.  She commenced learning this art from a tender age of 4 under the guidance of Smt. Krishna Segaram, Aus Tam Fine Arts, and completed her Arangetram at the age of 14. For the past 3 years, she has been studying Bharathanatyam and Nattuvangam under the guidance of Smt. Suganthy Thayaseelan. She has performed in various dance performances and simultaneously aided in choreographing dance pieces for younger children. .


Mridangam: Janakan Suthanthiraraj ; Pallavarajan Nagendran
Ghatam: Chrissan Segaram ; Tabla: Iynkaran Kantharajah
Konnakol and percussion: Senthuuran Thevarajah
Rhythm Pads and percussion: Charou Ramachandra Guru
Percussion: Branavan Jeyarasa

Vocal: Kaavya Jaishankar ; Gopiram Sriranganathaiyer

Flute: Venkhatesh Sritharan ; Keyboard: Gana Aruneswaran

To book your tickets please ring Sribalan 0449 201 103 and Thamilini on 0421 751 161

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