Sydhwaney’s First Podcast

1. Tribute to a Great 16th century seer and poet of South India, the Mozart of Carnatic Music, Saint Thyagarajah. We welcome our Anchor for the podcasts Rama Viswanathan who will take you through this journey.

We have received many requests from our listeners wanting to download the following excerpts. You can now do so. Just Click the following to open or  download and listen

25th Thyagaraja Aradhanai In Sydney.. Saadhinchane Sung by resident artists

2. Morning Coffee with Ranjani Gayatri was a rare leisurely start to a Saturday Morning on the eve of their Pallavi performance in Sydney. Listen to them talk about Performing during Margazhi, Importance of Maintaining one’s voice, Selection of ragas etc.

Part A : Morning Coffee with Ranjani-Gayatri

Part B:     morning-coffee-with-ranjani-gayatri-2

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