Raghu Dixit Rapturous

Starting with a spectacular parade on Friday night followed by dignitaries inaugurating the function, the park stage performances brought Raghu Dixit.

Bells on his feet, a fashionable lungi and kurtha with a guitar carelessly thrown over his head, the former microbiologist and bharathanatyam dancer, Raghu Dixit brings new meaning to the bygone hair locked nomadic musician.

Giving a jazzy flair to traditional texts in Kannada and Punjabi in mixed funky contemporary tunes, Raghu Dixit’s compositions sit in an undefined territory of mixes. Reggae or raga, his folky high pitched calls bring to life an undercurrent of ache dressed in funky foot tapping energetic rhythms that steal your moments away from you. Ultimately, it is the irresistible and enticing quality of his voice and voice modulations which had sceptics like me cross the fence. His musicality leaves you rapturous.

Refusing to sing any thing Bollywood, when someone in the audience made a request that he sing a latest version that had to do with an important part of his attire, Raghu Dixit, gained my respect.

His accompanying artists, flautist and other guitarists and the percussion player form an integral and important part of his music, all of whom are incredibly talented yet whose names we may never know. His performances both outdoor on the Park Stage and indoors in the Chai Temple were one of the most popular acts of Parramasala 2013, only after he had got all the aussies, Indians and kannadigas singing this song in Kannada !!