Notice to Organisors

Dear Organisors

In your interests and at your service, Sydhwaney is offering an opportunity for you to place your ‘expected dates’ of events well in advance at no cost to you. Partially there is a selfish reason for doing this which is that we at Sydhwaney hate missing your event or having to choose between events that seem to occur on the same day at the same time, overlap or coincide with one another.

So that we can do justice not only towards reporting on the event but continue to work in a manner that is supportive of all art forms we request organisations in their interests to place their dates a few months, even a year in advance one to inform their prospective sponsors and audience and more importantly to other sister organisations who may also be considering holding a programme as unparalleled as yours. To avoid date clashes from occurring we are able to place your information within the words “Watch this space for more details” on the News Page of this website. You need only place your details here


Love and Respects,

Sumi Krishnan
We say it as We See it.

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