Musings: Musical Connections at Myall

Morning Heron Music in Nature should be a walk in the park or it seems the Rainforest all that is required is the ability to listen. It would have to be a wonderful exercise of mind, body and spirit. Well decidedly so as it proved to be during my recent holiday at Myall Lakes in the North of Sydney. Armed with very little, as I was camping with my 12 year old son and his friend I tried to get away from people and noise only to be surrounded by the natural noise of my mind and the happy chatter of the two twelve year old energetic stimulants with me. 


The days were busy, hectic and physically challenging. But what I relished and want to share with you all are the sounds from the warm summer nights and the feel of the morning fresh breeze which brought the chirping sounds of the birds in the adjoining rainforest and the lake beyond. 

During these moments as I allowed myself to soak my surroundings and tried to absorb all that was around me, I found myself noticing ‘random stuff’ as my teenager would say.  But for me this random stuff was made up of sounds that tease the mind into stillness for I was willing to swing to its rhythm. For others it may have been a pleasant moment.

Listen to the sounds of the Rainforest from Myall Lakes at

 Tea Trees next to the Lake Watching the Sun go downMyall Lakes