A Sad End

The boy with his mandolin – is a story that made its way ahead of this spectacular mandolin player’s journey and musicianship a long time ago. Now to find that he has been struck by bad luck to leave this world comes as a shock to the Carnatic world as it braces itself to come to terms with the void he leaves behind.

Mandolin U Srinivas, the musician picked up the Mandolin at a very young age almost like a toy. Under the guidance of his father, he soon blossomed. The child prodigy presented his first concerts and was an immediate success. The uncompromising sounds he created on the Mandolin – as yet a foreign instrument in Carnatic Music expressed every aspect of that music and more – brighas, gamakams, raga alapanai, neravel were so exquisite and beautiful that his rise to success came as no surprise.

Video clips of this young child playing the Mandolin depicts – after each improvised phrase he stops looks around at his audience at times and then turns to look at his father for approval almost to say ‘Did you see this – is this not great …and this and …’

His greatest contribution was to introduce a western instrument to the East . He leaves behind an irreplaceable void.

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