Lavanya Ananth – Tradition to the modern

Like the graceful surges of a flowing river Lavanya Ananth’s vazhavoor style of Bharathanatyam made for an awe inspiring performance in the intimate and cosy confines of the Redgum Community Centre on 29 June 2014 at 6:00pm.

Organised by Natyanjali Australia, Deva nrithyam, as its name suggests took the audience from traditional pieces epitomising celestial Gods and Goddesses to the modern accompanied by music reflecting the eras depicted and in keeping with its themes.

Lavanya 1

Lavanya Ananth’s performance was preceded by the students of CV Chandrasekhar, Suresh and Shobana whose mathematically precise execution of their varnam composed by Chi. Suresh made for a befitting energy packed beginning to the evening.

Suresh and Shobana

Lavanya Ananth commenced her evening with Adi Sankara’s Ardhanreeshwari Ashtakam – composed by MS Suki, her fluid movements with precise and picturesque presentation of half man woman, ying and the yang, the feminine the masculine, shiva and parvathi was exquisite. This was followed by the main piece Varnam, with ‘Saami Ni’ in a ragamalika sung by Murali, the varnam was abound with expression, sanchari bhavam, clean and crisp footwork, amazing Aramandi depicting Bharathanatyam’s true beauty.

Video of Lavanya Ananth – Jagadhodharana


Lavanya concluded her performance with a devarnama, in Jagadhodharana once again showing the expressive mischievious dialogue between Little Krishna and Yashodha, the mother followed by Subbarama Iyer’s tamil text set to music in Ragam Begada Mishra Chapu thalam. In this piece she depicts a proud arrogant nayaki who when challenged by her Sakhi, asks ‘So what if I am the consort of the King ? What is it to others?’. The concluding piece was the depiction of Surya, the Sun, in Suryashtakam, set to music by MS Suki with the help of lighting it made an befitting end to a delightful evening.


Video of Lavanya Ananth

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