Rare Ragas Ruled Violin Duet



The Tradition of Lalgudi’s Music came to Sydney, held on the day after India won the Cricket match to Sri Lanka, on 3rd April 2011 at 4PM at Ryde Civic Centre. The half drowsy audience and organisors slowly strolled into Ryde Civic Centre ready to be captivated by Lalgudi Jayaraman’s son and daughter, in a violin duet accompanied by Mannargudi Easwaran on the mrudangam

Mannargudi Easwaran, Lalgudi Krishnan, Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi














Lalgudi Krishnan dominated the show taking the lead, with a rare Varnam in raga Amrithavarshini. After which he again lead with rare ragams such as Rasali in Aparama Rasa Nilayam; Ragavardhini in K Iyers composition Kalangadhe Yen Maname; Ragam Lalitha in Shyama Shastri’s composition Nannu Brova Lalitha; and Ragam Rudrapriya in a composition of NS Krishnaswami Iyer.

The three main explorations conducted in Ragams Mohanam in ‘Kaapali‘ Papanasam Sivam’s famous kriti, Bhairavi in Enati Naalu Palamu, Thyagaraja Composition based on the Prahlada Bhakthi and Ragam Khamboji were detailed with moments of Lalgudi peeping through their explorations, the concert was dominated by its journey into the unknown with the precision of a calculus in arithmetic symmetry. Surprisingly, the Mrudangam accompaniment of Mannargudi Easwaran therefore was a rhythmic respite.

For the intellectual followers of Carnatic Music, the violinists choice of a tricoloured Pallavi in three ragams of Shankughapriya, Shyama and Aanandha Bhairavi in “Shanmughapriya, Sama Gana Vinodini, Sadhaanandha Bhairavi” must have been the crowning jewel in Ata Thalam. I guess the length of the thalam is justified when there is so much to be done. However the writer felt each transition between the ragas was less seamless however spotlessly delivered.

You! are the Reason for Pallavi's Success




The beauty of music is in its ability to emote, which the writer felt could have been exemplified a lot more. The pace of the concert withdrawing in places and propelling forward at times. For listeners who expected to listen to a carbon copy of Lalgudi Jayaraman, they would have been surprised, for both Lalgudi Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi are carving their own niche in the world of music today.

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