Fire and Earth

Sydhwaney Productions presents ‘Fire and Earth‘ at the Parramasala Festival 2015.

Ruchi & Hamsa


Where traditions are respected yet challenged, Fire and Earth is the collaborative work of leading and renowned teachers of four schools of Indian Classical Dance, Hamsa Venkat, Nirmal Jena, Ruchi Sanghi and Venkata Ramana. Comprising of around 40 dancers in a  production, each school shall showcase four different styles of Classical Indian Dance – Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Kathak and Kuchipudi. The production also features the Kerala folk dance of ‘Kai Kotti Kali’ – ‘Clap and Play’. 


10152423_239598272915540_2563364120601994710_nAdding a ‘spark’ to the production will be the spectacular acrobatic contemporary dancer Marlena Dali.




This production pays tribute to NSW Fire Fighters.

Fire and Earth on 24 October 2015

at 5:45pm – 6:45pm

Prince Alfred Park Parramatta 

Free Event

Fire and Earth have deep spiritual significance in cultures all around the world, balancing the cycle of creation and destruction. Man’s connection with the elements has been deep rooted, from the flick of a flame that dispels darkness to the raging fires that destroy and rejuvenate. From the primitive times to the modern day man has been empowered and under the power of the fiery elements of earth and fire.

The production presents the quest of man to dance in rhythm with the elements around him creating a sense of harmony and balance with the environment, where the storytelling transcends to a new realm of colour and movement.


During Noopur at Science Theatre, UNSW, Kensington, New South Wales, Australia on 26/10/2014. Photo: Binu NaikaraparambilHamsa Venkat is the Dance Director of Samskriti School of Dance, a well-established Bharathanatyam School in Sydney  for its many successful productions for local community events and full-length stage shows at prestigious events such as the National Multicultural Festival. Details at here.








Venkata Ramana is Founder and Director of Mayura Academy (school of performing arts) is dedicated to teaching Kuchipudi dance. Kuchipudi has its roots buried in the soil of Andhra Pradesh and is one of the 8 classical forms of India. Details at here 




flamenco and kathakRuchi Sanghi – is a reputed Kathak dancer in Sydney. Kathak is a dynamic theatrical dance form known for its sparkling footwork, fast whirling movements, subtle abhinaya or mimetic dance. Ruchi Sanghi started training from the young age of seven. Her initial training was at the prestigious Kathak Kendra under the famous dancer  and Guru of the Jaipur Gharana Guru Shri Rajendra Gangani. Today she is Dance Director of Ruchi Sanghi Dance Company known for its dedication to Kathak.  Details at here





... The names of the dancers are: Nirmal Jena (the male person in the photos), artistic director, Odissi Dance & Music Company, Sydney Pratibha Jena Singh, director, Nrityashilp, Delhi, India

Nirmal Jena – is Dance Director of Odissi Dance Company that specialises in teaching the Jena Style of Odissi originating from Eastern India. Modesty personified he calls himself a practitioner of Odissi dance. He is however the son of Kumudini Jena and acclaimed and well recognised Late Guru Surendra Nath Jena in India. He has been teaching the Jena Style of Odissi dance and its traditional methodologies in Sydney since 1992 – Details at here

 [Seen here with his sister in Intensely Soul]



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