Vedanta Centre of Sydney

Last weekend the Vedanta Centre of Sydney had its annual dance and music show where local artists came together to present a variety of different types of dances. With an engaging commentary and efficient Master of Ceremonies the evening proceeded to raise consciousness about the Mission’s message to the world and provided a forum for local art and dance schools to show off the creative talents of their students.

Presided by Dhamodharanandaji, the Senior most Monk of the Order, the show commenced with his auspicious blessings and message of Unity, as he quoted from the Vedas and later chanted quotes of  Bhuddha finally finishing with the sayings of Christ.

Many dance schools participated in the Show such as Samskriti School of Dance, Nrityagriha School of Dance and others. Many children put on their best attire and their best foot forward to make it a successful evening. Many Volunteers who believed in the Mission’s cause came together and in their quiet way, stayed behind the scenes making it all happen.