Magic of Numbers

Sankhya, a production of the Samskriti School of Dance was presented by Hamsa Venkat and her team of students, musicians and sound and light supporting casts to make a memorable evening for Vision 2020.

Giving life to numbers and tweaking it with Mythological stories, the concept of Sankhya broke new ground in Sydney for the first time, moving away from the usual type of story telling that goes into a traditional bharathanatyam production.

Each number is introduced by Hamsa Venkat, who engages in a conversation in English with Little Sahana, the youngest student of Samskriti School of Dance, to bring out the meaning and the significance of each number. Starting from Vande Mataram for Number 1, to 2 forming the adhvaita philosophy, 3 the three shakthis, 4 Chathur Marga Pancha silam where the music composed by Mohan Ayyar and Sangeetha Ayyar accompanied by Bala Sankar formed a five beat character, depicting the five principles of Buddha, to move on to the six faces of Lord Muruga, the Seven notes of Music, to the Eighth incarnation of Vishnu, and finally to the number nine depicting the nine rasas by Hamsa Venkat performing a padam style exploration of the nine rasas to a slokam sung by Sangeetha Ayyar and Anand Dixit accompanied by Balaji on violin.

Vision 2020’s noble cause was well supported by a full audience and a wonderful team of senior and junior dancers from the Samskriti School of Dance. A memorable evening, Hamsa Venkat’s concept of the production and the manner of its presentation was creative and novel.