Theatre of Dance

In-I – A Quest for Love through Movement and Passion

 Farooq Chaudhry the producer of IN-I says “We had absolutely no idea what In-I was going to be about. All we had was this strange and unusual energy between Akram and Juliette accompanied with a belief, a belief that if we keep digging deep we will find something weird, mad and wonderful”. The two artists of IN-I are Akram Khan, awarded the best male dancer in the Annual Helpmann Awards held in Sydney in 2007 is a London born Kathak Dancer of Bangla Deshi descent credited with many successfully choreographed productions such as ‘Kaash’ ‘Zero Degrees’ amongst others and Oscar winning actress from the movie English Patience, Juliette Binoche a celebrated French actress who worked as a stage actress before reaching international recognition through movies such as Chocolat which received many awards.

In-I promises to be an artistic exploration of boundaries and limits, of love and its nemesis, of life and death, everything beyond and in between. Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche in conversation reveal their innermost thoughts Akram says: The most challenging moments in the production has been confronting myself and starting the journey from a place of being lost. A place of not knowing in order to learn again. This is Akram Khan’s first venture with only one other artist who is an actress first and a dancer later. Akram says ‘I usually start with ways of making and generating material and putting things together in most productions but with IN-I I had no idea what to work with. I just had to dive in. Usually I have a base for my dance, Kathak, but with Juliette I have had to abandon my body. All the new sections we have developed together. I have had to question all the time, doubting all the time. It is important to doubt. At times it pushes me to the point of being naked uncomfortable and that is scary says Akram. From the delivery of the lines to the throwing of the words out, the life in between the words is something I have had to work on while it almost comes naturally to Juliette.

Juliette called ‘La Binoche’ affectionately says IN-I is all about going for your dream, inventing yourself and daring to create. It is also an exploration of Love between two people. I think the only way to survive in this world is through love she says. Yet love is like playing a game of chess where freedom and prison co-exist. However if instead of prison one calls it commitment and develops this recognition in another something of yourself and something that is beyond yourself, then one is beyond jealousy, fear possession. It is a natural impulse to hold on, to avoid separation. But if one lives in the present then there is no holding onto the past. The passion to live the present becomes far greater than the past.