An end of an Era – Kishori Amonkar

KishoriKishori Amonkar, the doyen of Hindustani Classical Music is no more. I have never felt tears well up when many other equally accomplished musicians have passed away, but today I do.

I grew up in Delhi listening to her as a young girl. Her music has been my constant companion. My home away from home. A hand that held mine when I felt alone. Music I dived into to forget my worries and anxieties. Give me the time to unfold within and deal with the tides of life as a young bride, as a struggling career woman and as a mother.

Mostly as a mother when I played her music every night. These were times I dedicated my time to the study of her music. Listening and learning her unique style of development of a raga. In listening to her I learnt design, learnt raga development, fell in love with the seemless beauty of ragas like Hamsadhvani, Yaman, Rageshree, Bhoop, Charukesi, Mia Malhar, Bhinna Shadaj and more. The glorious Kishori treatment of these ragas was simply captivating.

Her unique handling of ragas like no other. It is that particular lilt in her voice or that gamak or ‘that bani’ that tugged at my heart. I feel this loss. This loss is a personal loss to me as I am sure it is to the hundreds who revere her music. Kishori Tai you will be missed !! But you shall stay alive in our hearts through your music, you leave an irreplaceable legacy behind !!