Agal and Mimesis Online Collaboration

I have been following this young group of dancers and creators for the last few years.

Vishnu Arunasalam, a health practitioner but a dancer, singer and creator at heart, wears the responsibility of creative direction for this young group of Western Sydney artists and dancers with pride.

Forging forward between long hours of demanding health covid test camps at work and still keeping his creative energies harnessed and motivated has been his major fete this year.

Hence the small residency support they received from Critical Path came at a critical time in their creative journey – exploring dance within the frame of a camera.

Vishnu says ‘For many of us in Agal, the pandemic has forced us to slow down with our art-making due to several reasons such as a lack of space, isolation and lockdown restrictions which meant no gathering for creative explorations with fellow company members, funding cuts to our professional development program, lack of performance showcase opportunities and so on. For me in particular, my art-making had to be paused as I suddenly found myself in my nursing role as a Covid-19 Clinic Coordinator. Though it was and still is a challenging time, the pandemic has forced us to work differently and try new methods to still keep our practice alive’.

Coming out of this Critical path residency is a collaboration with a UK based dancer whom we are so familiar with ‘Shrikant Subramaniam’ of Mimesis.

The author takes pride in introducing Vishnu to Shrikant a couple of years ago when he visited Sydney and performed for a select audience. The relationship has now blossomed and so Shrikant Subramaniam has been mentoring Agal artists in Sydney. This has resulted in the making of Water Lilies for Agal which will be presented in a joint digital platform across continents.

Mimesis is a UK Council supported creative venture of David Aldred and Shrikant Subramaniam who together have created beautiful cross cultural works that are very impactful. Mimesis has sustained itself by opening its works to the community, in schools and across differently abled people in Yorkshire UK very successfully. Agal’s participating dialogue with Mimesis is therefore exciting and important for the landscape of dance works to grow within the Australian diaspora. Whilst essentially still traversing within the realms of Bharathanatyam, this partnership shall open doors for both Mimesis and Agal to forge forward with new creative ideas and juices which may result in some amazing works. Hence the writer is excited about the forthcoming pilot as the title so aptly defines ‘From Out of the Darkness’.

Dont miss this event – mark it and turn on your chromecast to watch !! To obtain access please email for the link to be emailed to you. A donation would be helpful.