A Rare Tabla Arungetram

The debut performance of Iyankaran under the watchful eyes of Guru Yogesh Samsi and Pandit Ramchandra Suman had all the hall marks of a success story that is derived only with thorough dedication and interest. Iyankaran maintained the interests of his audiences through out an evening that weaved magic. Showing great potential and some exemplary layakari in the first half accompanied by Sandeep Mishra on the Sarangi, the programme commenced with the blessings of Ramchandra Suman who said that this artform only comes to those who show “Shakti, Bhakti and Gyaan”. Iyankaran rhythmic composition, a ‘Peshkar’ was rendered to the accompaniment of  Sandeep Mishra’s Sarangi set to a melodic theme in Raag Vachaspati in madhya laya Teen Taal that progressed in tempo with several Kayadhas and Reylas. Iyankaran’s rhythmic demo of the jumping deer, the lazy boy who was cajoled into getting out of bed by his mother and other similar expressions will hopefully endear many more to this artform.


The second half consisted of Iyankaran showing his capacity to be equally efficient as an accompanist to the internationally renowned Kala Ramnath of Mewati Gharana. This innovative violinist is not new to Australia. She was credited by Drum Media for her performance at the Sydney Opera House entitled “Raga Bliss” a few years back which was a running success. Since then Kala has grown in stature on the world stage with famous performances at the Carnegie Hall and at various prestigious venues.  Proficient in both the instrumental style of renditions and the ‘Gayaki [vocal] style’ of rendition on her violin she has no wonder been called the Lady with the singing Violin. Her capacity to emulate every gamak and every nuance ever so gently that it appears she imitates the voice and the voices within a singer through her violin mark her a notch above other young violinists of today. She kept her audiences entranced with Raag Maru Bihag in a Vilambith Jhap taal followed by a madhya laya composition and a faster composition culminating in a Sawaal Jawab in Teen taal. Giving Iyankaran an opportunity at every instance the audience saw a partnership unfold between them that was riveting.

Looking forward Kala Ramnath, Yogesh Samsi, Iyankaran and Sandeep Mishra shall be performing in Melbourne and Brisbane on the 13 March and 14 March.  All details on Melbourne and Brisbane performances are placed here. Book your tickets now.

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